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  The Rt. Hon.. Bro. Rex Allum R.O.H. I.P.PGP2005 of the Ipswich & District Provincial Lodge, a member of the Kenneth Walker Lodge No. 6934, fulfilled the conclusion of  his appeal, MAKE A WISH on Saturday 4th March 2006.
Two weeks earlier at the investiture of the PG Primo for 2006 Bro. Rex presented to Mrs. P. Slater, co-ordinater of the National MAKE A WISH foundation a cheque for 3450.65 for which she expressed her gratitude and thanks and stated some wishes are complicated and some are more easier.
   There was a chance that a wish could be possible for a 14 year old,  Luke, living in Wisbeech, Norfolk, if everything could be organised by 4th March, and thankfully it was.
Luke has many problems to cope with and regularly attends Gt. Ormond St Childrens Hospital.. He has a great talant for music and has achieved Grade 5 in his studies.  His main passion is playing the drums, inspired by his favourite group IRON MAIDEN but he also plays several other instruments.
  On 4th March 2006 Bro. Rex s MAKE A WISH donation with the willing help Mark Watson, became a reality, Luke, with his family was taken to the Access to Music Studios in Norwich, where he was able to play drums and record a track of his choice, with help from Mark and his colleagues.  This was burnt onto a CD which Luke took with him, but another CD with backing and vocals added is being sent to Luke.
  After the recording session was completed Luke and his family were taken to Frankie and Bennys for lunch.  Whilst Luke was enjoying lunch Bro. Rex and Mark had to journey to his home to complete the wish, this part of which Luke was unaware.  This entailed unpacking a new drum kit, (of Lukes choice), and setting it up in his bedroom before he arrived home.  Bro. Rex is not at all musically minded and without the help of Mark say this part of the wish would not have been completed on time, as it was there was only a few minutes to spare before Luke arrived.
  Of course the first thing Luke wanted to do was to play his own CD but when he entered his bedroom, the look of surprise and delight on his face, seeing his very own drum kit, made all the work over the last 12 months so worthwhile.
  Bro. Rex Allum ROH would like to thank his mother Lodge, the Kenneth Walker, the PGL and all minor Lodges of the GLE and Lodges of the GLE. Ltd East Suffolk Province, for there contributions throughout 2005.
At Ufford Park Country Club on 16th February 2007

The Investiture proved to be a good evening and was well attended by Buffs, families and friends.  Although the evening started a little bit late it finished a quarter of an hour earlier than expected, partly due to the efficient way the Master of Ceremonies Bro. A. Whebby conducted it.
Bro. D. Hawes ROH presented a cheque for 7000.00 pounds for EACH collected during his term of office.
The SGO Lodge donated 250.00 pounds on the evening.  A DVD player was also donated to EACH.
The cabaret proved to be an eye opener with some participants being ribbed I suspect when they are away from the venue.
Let us hope that in future years we can go from strength to strength and improve the evening even more
from left to right:
front:  Bridget White (Housekeeper), Jojo John (RGN), Sid Humbles (SRGN)
back: Denise Jennings (Rehab Assistant),Brian Moore (ROH.RAOB),
Phil Barrett (ROH.RAOB; PGP 1989), Mick McCullum (ROH.ROAB)
This Bookcase & Books were donated to the Ipswich Hospital Shotley Ward Stroke Unit by the Sir George Osborne Lodge No 3509 in appreciation of the excellent care and attention received by Bro Brian Moore RoH during his recent stay.
Our special thanks to all who contributed the books and to those who made this donation possible.
Best regards Phil.
Bookcase donation to Shotley Ward by the Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes
Hi Bro's, please convey the many thanks from the four of us who attended from Lowestoft, an excellent evening amongst very good company.
An excellent choice of venue, a vote of congratulations to the organising team.
The buffet was out of this world our sincere thanks to the buffess who achieved the task of preparing the same.
On a sad note, it was sad to hear that Bro Derick your wife had performed the impossible with a broken wrist.
Please convey our kindest thoughts for a speedy recovery.
Friendly and Fraternally
for and on behalf of
Bro Eddy Ayers ROH, Bro Bob Thacker ROH and Bro Colin Newman ROHBro. Phil Sharman ROH
PGP2007/PVKC39 2009
PGL Treasurer
Lowestoft and District Province
Achievements of the Lifeline Appeal   (Perseverance Lodge)
On our visit (8th May 2010) to the Lincoln & District Province for the Investiture of the Grand Waiter we were given the opportunity to hand over a Cheque to the sum of £ 300. 10 to Brothers, Alan Foxall R.O.H. G/ Ty 2009, and JJ. Martindale R.O.H. P.G. Secretary of  Dudley & District Province, for there appeal to help the Children of Belarus.

 In Photo Back J.J. Martindale R.O.H. Front Alan Foxall R.O.H. Martyn Donn 1st Deg
Bro. Bernie Smith KOM PGP 2015 and Bro. John Sheppard ROH DPGP 2015
At the public investiture of the Provincial Grand Primo on Saturday 21st March 2015 at Woodbridge
October 14
We raised £550